Letter to Peace Corps about Mefloquine Toxicity Dr Remington Nevin MD, MPH Formerly, MAJ, US Army Medical Corps, Elspeth Cameron Ritchie MD MPH COL (Retired US Army Medical Corps) [March 5 2015]

Vivid Dreams on Vimeo: After years of yearning to go to Africa, Joan’s three-month stint as a Peace Corps volunteer turns sour on Christmas Eve when she is ‘psychevac’d’ back to the states….[Joan was taking mefloquine.]

RPCV Patrick McClanahan’s mefloquine story, WHYY, Sept 12, 2012


Warnings about psychological side effects of malaria drug Lariam grow louder: Peace Corps, WHYYstory

Sept. 12, 2012

UPI Investigates: Lariam and the Peace Corps, by Dan Olmsted and Mark Benjamin, UPI, July 30, 2002 (PDF)

Malaria’s Not So Magic Bullet: From Peace Corps to Psychiatric Hospital, by Dennis Lewon, originally published in Escape mag, republished by Utne Reader. Archived here in PDF format.