National Veterans Legal Services Program and
Lawyers Serving Warriors, a special program of NVLSP that provides FREE legal representation, through a network of law firms and corporate law departments, for troops and veterans navigating government agencies in an effort to receive VA and military disability benefits, proper military discharges, and other benefits due them. This program is for vets who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom.

Operation Family Fund. Provides service members and families with cash for transitioning back into society. They focus primarily on amputees and those with critical injuries, with some support for those with PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI), phone 760-793-0541.

Veterans for Common Sense

Soldiers for the Truth SFTT carries on the campaign of founder Col. David H. Hackworth (Ret.) – one of Americas greatest heroes. . . to give a voice to Americas front-line troops and to make sure they have the right training, leadership and equipment to meet their assigned missions and make it home in a plane seat, not a body bag

Angel Flight arranges free air transportation in response to health care and other compelling human needs. Do you need a flight? or have frequent flier miles you can spare? Contact Angel Flight 310-390-2958.

Veteran Love and Appreciation provides immediate financial assistance to military families in need phone: 305-673-2856 Fax: 866-777-9431 Email:

Salute America’s Heroes provides financial assistance to all vets returning from the war. Also provides career guidance, help with resumes, free on line courses for certificate programs, and more. Donations welcome.