Peace Corps

Many Peace Corps Vols have had toxic reactions to Lariam, and many RPCVs with Lariam toxicity are not aware that they qualify for Workers Compensation. Learn more here.

Vivid Dreams on Vimeo: After years of yearning to go to Africa, Joan’s three-month stint as a Peace Corps volunteer turns sour on Christmas Eve when she is ‘psychevac’d’ back to the states….[Joan was taking mefloquine.]

RPCV Patrick McClanahan’s mefloquine story, WHYY, Sept 12, 2012


Warnings about psychological side effects of malaria drug Lariam grow louder: Peace Corps, WHYYstory

Sept. 12, 2012

UPI Investigates: Lariam and the Peace Corps, by Dan Olmsted and Mark Benjamin, UPI, July 30, 2002 (PDF)

Malaria’s Not So Magic Bullet: From Peace Corps to Psychiatric Hospital, by Dennis Lewon, originally published in Escape mag, republished by Utne Reader. Archived here in PDF format.